Pittsburgh Pirates: Checking in on Players Traded This Past Offseason

The Pirates traded a handful of players last off-season, but where are they now and how are they performing?

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Bryse Wilson

Bryse Wilson has been the most successful of any of the players the Pirates traded last off-season. Wilson was the other player included in the Richard Rodriguez swap. A former consensus top 100 prospect with Atlanta, Wilson got his first real shot at a Major League starting rotation role, but failed to capitalize. Wilson pitched to a 5.52 ERA, 5.06 FIP, and 1.42 WHIP through 115.2 innings. Wilson had an outstanding 6.3% walk rate, but it was overshadowed by his lowly 15.5% strikeout rate, and his 1.56 HR/9 rate. Wilson did do better after July and a demotion to the minor leagues,

Wilson was then traded to the division rival Milwaukee Brewers this past season for cash. The right-hander has carved out a niche for himself as a long-reliever, pitching 60 innings in 41 plate appearances. Wilson has a 3.15 ERA, 4.18 FIP, and 1.08 WHIP. He's kept up a 6.1% walk rate, but has upped his strikeout rate to 20.2% and has lowered his HR/9 to 1.20.