Pittsburgh Pirates: Colin Holderman Back In, Cody Bolton Sent Out

Oakland Athletics v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Good news for Pittsburgh Pirates fans! Relief pitcher Colin Holderman has officially made his comeback after a stint on the Injury List. The right-hander was sidelined for 15 days due to a troublesome right shoulder problem. However, Holderman's return brings a ray of hope to the Pirates' bullpen.

Holderman's early-season performance was nothing short of impressive, with his pitches often proving unhittable for opposing batters. His earned run average in April was a solid 3.46. However, his earned run average in May was 0.00 in 8 appearances. So like I said basically unhittable. The problems showed up in June. He made 4 appearances and gave up 6 earned runs. Obviously something had changed drastically. Hopefully, the decision to place him on the Injury List will work out in terms of not having any further shoulder complications.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have brought right-handed relief pitcher Colin Holderman off the Injury List and optioned Cody Bolton

With Holderman back in the mix, the Pittsburgh Pirates' bullpen receives a much-needed boost. His return adds depth and is a reliable option for manager Derek Shelton in crucial late-game situations. As long as he is healthy. Fans are eager to see the young pitcher return to his dominant form and contribute to the team's success.

In order to make room for Holderman's return, the Pittsburgh Pirates made the decision to send Cody Bolton down to Triple-A Indianapolis. Bolton, who had shown promise but struggled with consistency, will have an opportunity to refine his skills and gain confidence in the minors. He has given up 11 runs in 9 innings of work, obviously not providing much help in the bullpen with those types of numbers.

As the Pittsburgh Pirates continue their season, Holderman's return is a positive sign for the team and their bullpen. The hope is that his renewed health will get him back to being a strength in the bullpen, leading to improved performances and increased victories for the Pittsburgh Pirates.