Pittsburgh Pirates: Considerations for the 2023 First Overall Pick Other than Skill

Wake Forest v LSU
Wake Forest v LSU / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages
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Exciting times are ahead for the Pittsburgh Pirates as they hold the prestigious first overall pick in the upcoming 2023 Major League Baseball Draft, which is scheduled to take place on July 9th. This coveted selection presents a golden opportunity for the Pirates to secure a franchise player who could potentially shape their future and bring them back to their winning ways. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the Pirates' front office must carefully consider their options before making their decision.

The top three players at the forefront of the discussion for the Pirates' first overall pick are LSU outfielder Dylan Crews, LSU pitcher Paul Skenes, and Florida Gator outfielder Wyatt Langford. Each of these prospects brings a unique skill set and potential to the table, making the Pirates' decision a challenging one. Prep outfielders Walker Jenkins and Max Clarke are the top prep players in the Draft, I would not expect the Organization to go in that direction.

While it is easy to say take the best player available that will not be necessarily the case for the Pittsburgh Pirates. They will have multiple factors to consider when looking at each of the top prospects. Each prospects brings their own positives and negatives to the situation, let's start with LSU outfielder Dylan Crews.