Pittsburgh Pirates: Considerations for the 2023 First Overall Pick Other than Skill

Wake Forest v LSU
Wake Forest v LSU / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages
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Wyatt Langford, the Florida Gator outfielder, brings a well-rounded skill set to the table. With his exceptional athleticism and solid hitting ability, Langford possesses the tools to excel both offensively and defensively. His versatility and athleticism make him an intriguing option for the Pirates, as he could also move quickly through the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization.

Langford holds a 55 Future Value on FanGraphs. This would put him as the #1 prospect in a lot of other drafts. I also had a National League scout tell me this past winter that he preferred Langford to Crews due to the projection of the bat. He mentioned that Langford shows a better launch angle along with more consistent exit velocity numbers. The last thing to consider with Langford is he would command the smallest bonus of the group.

While the decision-making process is undoubtedly challenging, the Pittsburgh Pirates must consider various factors before finalizing their pick. In addition to the players' skills, the Pirates must also weigh the potential signability of each prospect. The financial aspect of draft signings is a significant consideration as we saw in the 2021 Draft. The rumor is Crews is pushing for a slot or an above-slot deal.