Pittsburgh Pirates: Considerations for the 2023 First Overall Pick Other than Skill

Wake Forest v LSU
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The Pittsburgh Pirates are the only team to eclipse $16 million is bonus money to spend, giving them an advantage in a deep class.

The slot for pick 1.1 is about $9.7 million, which would dwarf the bonus record of $8.4 million set by Spencer Torkelson in 2020. When the Bucs took Davis with pick 1.1 they were able to save nearly $2 million in bonuses to use towards other top prospects such as Anthony Solometo. Langford could provide similar bonus savings in what is being considered a really deep draft class.

Ultimately, the Pittsburgh Pirates are at a crucial juncture in their franchise history, and the first overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft presents an incredible opportunity to acquire a player who could become the face of the team for years to come. As July 9th approaches, the Pirates' front office will undoubtedly figure out who they are going to take.

Personally, I want Crews, he is the best hitter who is the closest to making an impact at the Big League level. There is a lot to like about Skenes, but the highest pick Ben Cherington has ever used on a pitcher was when he was with the Blue Jays. The pick was at #28 overall and the selection was Nate Pearson. Since then, any Draft that Cherington has been in charge of has focused on hitters at the top. Lastly, Langford would represent a more strategic approach to the Draft all the while getting one of the best hitters in the draft.