Pittsburgh Pirates: David Bednar Hoping Winning Comes with Cutch

Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers
Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates could be one of the more intriguing teams to watch in 2023. They have a core of young talent and some important veterans.

No one is expecting the Pittsburgh Pirates to go from worst to first in 2023. They are definitely an improved team, and that tends to happen when legitimate players are signed. Adding veterans like Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Santana could be more important to this team's future than fans realize.

However, one cannot forget about the younger players on the current roster. Last year, David Bednar was a lead example of a young player working out for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Bucs closer reached the All-Star game for his strong season in 2023. Of course, his season was cut short not long after the All-Star game due to injury. Regardless, he will be a big part of this team's success in 2023.

However, Bednar actually thinks that a certain veteran can actually help bring a winning culture back to the team. Bednar of course was speaking about outfielder Andrew McCutchen. Here is what Bednar told the media on the return of #22:

This was why it was bigger than just signing a right-handed outfield bat. Andrew McCutchen was the savior of this Franchise. From day one, he epitomized what it means to be a ball player and he still does today. He produced with the bat from day one and was the MVP of the National League in 2012.

Now, things are much different. Cutch will no longer be the centerpiece of the team, but he knows what it takes to win in Pittsburgh. Can he show these young guys the same thing? It is time for a player like Oneil Cruz to become the big piece, much like Cutch. Cutch on the other hand is likely to take the AJ Burnett role. The old veteran who has some left, but also has been through more than any other player on the roster.