Pittsburgh Pirates: Debating if These Early Season Successes are Sustainable

Pittsburgh Pirates v Washington Nationals
Pittsburgh Pirates v Washington Nationals / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have gotten off to a historic start to 2023 because of some phenomenal early season performances. But are some of these starts sustianable?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are off to a historic start to their 2023 season. They can credit the breakout and early season success to some very key players. The Pirates likely wouldn’t have been the first National League team to cross 20 wins without their contributions.

However, we’re still only about a month into the 2023 season. It’s a long campaign, and some may question whether or not some of these great starts are sustainable. But that’s what I want to debate today: are some of these outstanding starts to 2023 the real deal, or just an early season fluke?