Pittsburgh Pirates: Defensive Woes Continue & More Takeaways From Series Loss Against the Rockies

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This series got away

Despite being blown out in game two, this was a series that got away from the Pittsburgh Pirates. The worst part about the series getting away is that it was a series victory that the Pirates were in dire need of securing.

Even though they were blown out in game two, the Pirates had every opportunity to capture game three and the series. Hell, they had plenty of opportunity for it to a bit of a relaxed and at least somewhat stress free victory.

Securing a victory like that to take a series when you have been struggling is the type of things that good baseball teams do. Even though the Pirates are a first place baseball team, it is far from a given that they are a good baseball team.

Not to be repetitive, but they had no business losing the third game of this series. Zero. None. Zilch. Expecially at home against a sub-.500 club. Due to that, they had no business losing this series. Yet, here we are, with this series being one that got away.

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