Pittsburgh Pirates: Despite Struggles, Jack Suwinski In a Good Spot

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates had one of the top rookies in Baseball in 2022, especially considering the home runs that player hit. Where does the now 2nd-year player stand this Spring?

The Pittsburgh Pirates had a bit of a surprise last year in outfielder Jack Suwinski. Suwinski, who was acquired as part of a package from the San Diego Padres for Adam Frazier, was a rising prospect who got his chance in 2022. He went on to belt 19 home runs, leading all of the National League Rookies.

So obviously there was going to be a lot of optimism heading into his Sophomore campaign. So far, he has not produced this Spring. So far he is hitting just .222, striking out 16 times in just 13 games. Well, apparently his tough Spring will not affect his status in making the team.

According to Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Suwinski has the full confidence still of the manager:

There are a couple of variables at play here. While Suwinski has not looked very comfortable at the plate, it is Spring Training. Heck, players like Adam LaRoche did not start their seasons until the end of June most years. Most players, especially younger players are typically working on making improvements to specific aspects of their game.

For instance, Suwinski has been seeing time in center field this Spring. He has always played predominately the corner outfield spots. However, he showed good ability in the corners last year and it seems the Pittsburgh Pirates want him to get more time in center field this year. This would make sense, first and foremost to backup Bryan Reynolds. Also, there is still a slight chance that Reynolds is traded away at some point. While Suwinski may not be an everyday center fielder, committing more to the position could also be having a negative impact on his offensive performance this Spring.