Pittsburgh Pirates: Don't Blame Bryan Reynolds For Requesting a Trade

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

Details have come out about what the Pittsburgh Pirates offered Bryan Reynolds this off-season. It is not only pathetic, but a slap in the face to a player that has given the organization so much these past 4 years. Do not blame Bryan Reynolds for wanting to leave Pittsburgh.

Jon Heyman, an insider at MLB Network reported today that the Pittsburgh Pirates latest offer to Bryan Reynolds was six years over $75 million dollars with no team option. That is close to $12.5 million dollars a year. Bryan Reynolds is a guy that had MVP votes just a year ago and not only that, has been one of the most consistent players on this team since 2019. It is a slap in the face to not only Reynolds, but the fan base to see this type of offer given out to our star player.

It was also reported that Reynolds and the Pirates were about $50 million dollars apart form a deal, which means he most likely is looking for an offer around 6 years for $120 million dollars. In todays MLB, that seems very reasonable for a guy like Reynolds. Brandon Nimmo was just offered a contract by the Mets that was 8 years for $162 million dollars which equates to an AAV of $20.3 million dollars. Thats the type of deal Reynolds should be offered if the Pirates want to be taken serious.

Blake Harris a writer for the Dodgers at SubstackInc and an weekly guest on 710 ESPN LA radio pointed out yesterday an incredible stat about Bryan Reynolds. He is only one of three outfielders that has had 70+ home runs, 90+ doubles, and 125 OPS+ or higher since the start of the 2019 season. The other two players that are in this catergory are Bryce Harper and Mookie Betts.

At this point in time, the Pirates need to do the right the thing and either trade Bryan Reynolds to a team that is going to pay him or offer him a contract is fits his needs. He has 3 years of control left, but he deserves to get paid and be on a team that actually cares about winning. Regardless to what happens this off-season, do not blame Bryan Reynolds for requesting a trade and wanting to go as far away from Bob Nutting as humanly possible.