Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: #73 Overall Pick used on Garret Forrester

Oregon State v UCLA
Oregon State v UCLA / Katharine Lotze/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have added a promising college bat to their organization with the selection of Garret Forrester, a dynamic third baseman from Oregon State. Forrester, the son of former Minor League infielder Gary Forrester, has emerged as one of the West Coast's finest college bats. With an impressive .320 batting average, .970 OPS, and 26 home runs in 177 games over three years at Oregon State, Forrester brings a formidable statistical track record to the plate.

Forrester quickly made an impact as he transitioned from a Northern California high school to the starting lineup at Oregon State as a freshman. Throughout his collegiate career, he showcased consistent improvement, solidifying his reputation as a reliable offensive threat. His .320 career batting average reflects his ability to make solid contact and find gaps in opposing defenses.

Forrester's greatest asset is his power at the plate. He is built solid for a corner bat at 6'1'' and weighs around 210 pounds. With 26 home runs during his time at Oregon State, he has demonstrated his ability to drive the ball. Coupled with his impressive OPS of .970, Forrester's ability to maintain his barrel in the zone and make intelligent swing decisions has made him a force to be reckoned with. He consistently drives the ball to all fields while displaying sound plate discipline.