Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: #73 Overall Pick used on Garret Forrester

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While playing primarily at third base, scouts believe he will settle in at first.

Does this sound like something the Pittsburgh Pirates could use?

Still, when he plays this season in the minors I would expect him to get time at third base. A more clear picture could be painted next Spring of their plans for him long-term defensively. If the bat turns into what they believe they are drafting then he definitely has an open path to the Big Leagues at first base.

Despite initial concerns about his body type, Forrester has maintained his physique throughout his collegiate career, demonstrating his dedication to physical conditioning. This commitment, combined with his impressive statistical achievements, positions Forrester as a player with significant potential. His sturdy frame and ability to hit for both average and power make him a promising offensive force at the Major League level.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made a wise choice by drafting Garret Forrester. With his exceptional statistics, including a .320 batting average, .970 OPS, and 26 home runs in 177 games at Oregon State, Forrester brings a power potential to the Pirates' organization. His combination of power, plate discipline, and pedigree make him a legitimate prospect. It will be interesting to see what level he will start in the Organization. Forrester ranked #116 on MLB Pipeline, so that shows that they must really believe in the bat.