Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Do Not Overthink This

#3 Dylan Crews makes a catch in centerfield as The LSU Tigers take on Central Connecticut State at
#3 Dylan Crews makes a catch in centerfield as The LSU Tigers take on Central Connecticut State at / SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA

Sometimes in life the worst thing someone can do is to overthink things, when it comes to the no. 1 overall pick in this summer's MLB Draft, hopefully, Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates avoid making this mistake

Having the no. 1 overall pick in a sport's draft is not always an easy thing. There is not always a slam dunk, sure-fire, without a doubt no. 1 overall pick available. Just look at the upcoming NFL Draft, or even the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates selected no. 1 overall.

In 2020 there was discussion around Kumar Rocker, Jack Leiter, Jordan Lawlar, and Marcelo Mayer for the no. 1 overall pick. When Ben Cherington submitted the pick, the Pirates selected Louisville catcher Henry Davis.

Set to select no. 1 overall again in July, the Pittsburgh Pirates have an easy decision this time around. There is a sure-fire, slam dunk no. 1 overall pick in this year's MLB Draft. It is LSU outfielder Dylan Crews.

Crews is not just the best player in this year's draft, he is one of the best draft prospects of the past few years. The 21-year-old Crews has a 60 grade hit and power tool, to go with a 55 grade running and arm tool, and a 50 grade fielding tool.

While he may not stick in center field long-term that should not matter or impede his draft prospect status or value. Especially because his plus arm and great first step in the outfield could make him a well above average defensive right fielder.

But, ultimately, what makes Crews an elite prospect and a no doubter for the no. 1 overall pick in the draft is his bat. He controls the strike zone and possesses borderline elite bat speed. Crews can hammer any type of pitching and has an aggressive approach at the plate.

Through his first 101 plate appearances at LSU this season Crews is putting together a historic season. He is hitting for a truly unbelievable .521/.654/.945 slash line. To have that slash line through 101 PAs is, again, almost unbelievable. Crews has hit 7 home runs, 10 doubles, and owns a ridiculous 25:12 BB:K ratio.

It's not just the stats for Crews that are impressive, either. It's also the results. Crews has been crushing the ball at the plate while putting together one strong at-bat after another. When the ball leaves the bat of Crews it is one hard-hit line drive after another. Many of his home runs have been impressive, towering blasts.

Adding Crews to the Pirate farm system would immediately make him the top prospect in their system. Hell, he'd immediately become one of the top prospects in all of baseball. Also, being an advanced college hitter makes Crews a prospect that could climb trhough the Pirate farm system in a hurry.

There is no thinking to be done here. So, Ben Cherington, do not overthink this. Crews is the guy at no. 1 in July. Period. End of discussion. Please do not screw this up.

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