Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Final Prediction in Anticipation of the 1st Overall Pick

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While Paul Skenes may consider taking a slightly reduced contract, rumors suggest that Dylan Crews is unwilling to budge and may even demand more than the allotted slot value. This factor leads to an intriguing prediction for the Pirates' top pick. It is highly likely that they will strike a deal with Wyatt Langford, the talented outfielder from the University of Florida.

The Pittsburgh Pirates could use the first overall pick on an SEC outfielder.

By selecting Langford, the Pirates can negotiate an under-slot deal, potentially saving several million dollars. This additional financial flexibility would allow them to target a top-tier prospect with their second pick, the 42nd overall selection. With the potential to spend $3-4 million on this pick, the Pirates could secure a player ranked among the top 20 prospects in the draft.

Although the idea of selecting Paul Skenes, especially if he agrees to an under-slot deal, has gained traction among fans, the risk associated with pitchers might influence General Manager Ben Cherington's decision. The preference for a more certain option, like Langford, cannot be overlooked. Still, he is also the type of arm that is hard to pass on, hitting triple digits on the gun with ease.

While the desire to draft Dylan Crews remains strong among fans, the likelihood of that happening seems slim. Therefore, it is almost certain that Wyatt Langford will be the Pirates' top pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. His impressive skill set, combined with the potential for an under-slot deal, make him an attractive choice for the organization.

As the excitement builds and speculation intensifies, all eyes will be on the 2023 MLB Draft. With a deep class of prospects and intriguing storylines, this year's draft promises to shape the future of baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates choice of Wyatt Langford as their top pick will undoubtedly spark debates and discussions, further fueling the excitement surrounding this year's draft class. Also, if this is the case before reacting to an under-slot pick, let's wait and see how they turn that bonus money around at #42 and/or #67.