Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Five College Pitchers To Keep An Eye On

2021 State Farm College Baseball Showdown
2021 State Farm College Baseball Showdown / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Jake Bloss

Jake Bloss originally attended Lafayette College for the first three years of his college career. He then transferred to Georgetown University for his fourth and final college season. While he is a tad older, he’s definitely one of the best upper-classmen in this year’s draft.

In a career-high 76.2 innings at Georgetown, Bloss worked to an ERA under 3.00 (2.58) and a 1.07 WHIP. Bloss only allowed five home runs, resulting in a 0.59 HR/9 rate. Free passes were not an issue for Bloss either, as he had a 7.8% walk rate. The best number among his peripherals was his strikeout rate, which sat at 31.4%. Overall, his K:BB ratio was 4.0 on the dot.

For a starting pitcher, Bloss throws with some decent velocity. He typically sits 92-95 MPH but cranks it up to 97 regularly. However, velocity isn’t the only above-average trait on his four-seamer. Bloss spins his fastball to give it the riding fastball look.

His two breaking ball offerings include a slider and curveball. His curveball is more of a 12-6 offering, but he spins that well too. Bloss does well tunneling his fastball, slider, and curveball. He will occasionally throw a changeup, but it’s a show-me-type offering rather than a reliable pitch.

Bloss has a solid 6’2”, 200 pound build. He has some athleticism and is a guy who will likely go during day two of the draft. Given that he’s a little older and a senior, this could be a player the Pirates select with the intention of signing to an under-slot deal.

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