Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Potential Options at No. 1 Overall

Who could the Pirates take at no. 1 overall?

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The Pittsburgh Pirates might have one of the hardest draft decisions in baseball history, so who is a candidate to go number one overall?

The Pittsburgh Pirates lucked into the first overall pick of this year's draft because of the draft lottery, which Major League Baseball enacted this year. The pick seems like such an easy yet extremely hard decision at the same time. This might be the best first-round talent the draft has seen in decades. Multiple players could deservedly get record-breaking money. 

The Major League draft is rapidly approaching. What might end up as one of the hardest draft decisions in baseball history rests in the hands of the Pirates' general manager Ben Cherington. His drafts have worked out pretty well for the Pirates, so I have full faith he'll make the right choice when the Pirates are on the clock.

However, with the draft choice being so hard, who are these potential number-one picks? Why do they deserve such high praise, and why are they making it such a hard decision for the Pirates?