Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Potential Options at No. 1 Overall

Who could the Pirates take at no. 1 overall?

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Max Clark

Max Clark has gained some significant traction over the last few weeks. Clark might be the best athlete of any of the names listed here today. He's extremely fast, will remain in center field long term, potentially compete for some Gold Gloves, and will be a plus hitter along with that. He's a full package that could go number one overall.

Clark's hitting ability has been graded anywhere from plus to double-plus. Clark is a guy who could consistently flirt with .300 in the future. He's mostly a gap hitter but has the power to muscle out 20-25 home runs on a consistent basis. He generates power with his quick bat, however, he does have some projectability and should add some more strength.

Although he isn't a two-way player, Clark has pitched a few games, displaying a 97 MPH fastball. That translates into a shoulder cannon in the outfield. Clark is extremely fast. He could pair 20-25 home runs with 40-45 stolen bases. He's also a strong defensive center field and should certainly find himself as a finalist, if not the winner of some Gold Gloves in the near future.

Clark has been compared to Henry Davis for his attitude toward playing. He has outstanding make-up putting 110% into the game and leaving it all on the field. He's yet another guy with five above-average or better tools. Clark would be the budget pick at number one if the Pirates think they can pull off a 2021 draft again.