Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Potential Options at No. 1 Overall

Who could the Pirates take at no. 1 overall?

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Walker Jenkins

We get to our last prospect of the day, and that's Walker Jenkins. Jenkins' offensive ceiling is higher than Clark, though he is slower and comes with less defensive potential. However, we have our fourth five-tool outfielder of the day, and arguably a player who projects even better than Clark.

Jenkins has an equally as good hit tool as Clark and should be a .280-.300 hitter in the future. However, what Jenkins does that Clark doesn't is hit for a lot more power. While Clark might hit around 20-25 home runs, Jenkins should approach 30-35+. He also has clean mechanics, which will definitely help him in the long run. 

While Jenkins isn't the speed demon Clark is, he still is an above-average runner. He's also a good defensive right fielder with an arm to match the position. Again, there's not a single tool here that is below average. The worst is his fielding and speed, but even then, both items are still above average in all regards.

We're talking about a potential dark-horse budget play here by the Pirates. He's a second high school outfielder that could go off the board very early, and by that, I mean the first pick. If the Pirates have something lined up later in the draft they really want, don't rule out Jenkins.