Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Six Potential Later Round Picks

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The Pittsburgh Pirates could add one of the best draft prospects in this year's draft, but let's take a look at some potential post round-five prospects

The Pittsburgh Pirates will once again have an early-round draft pick. After getting the no. 1 pick in the first round, they'll have the no. 3 pick in the following rounds after that (plus a competitive balance pick after the second round). Many fans and analysts are looking forward to who the Pirates take in those first few rounds. Pretty much everyone expects them to take Dylan Crews in the first round, and the next few rounds should serve as interesting picks.

However, what I want to look at today are players that could be on the Pirates' post-round five radar. Now it's hard to predict who will get picked where. Just take the last few years. Brock Porter was one of the best pitchers in the draft but went in the 4th round to the Texas Rangers (and signed). Before that, the Pirates took Anthony Solometo and Bubba Chandler in rounds two and three, despite being consensus top 20 draft prospects. They also took Braylon Bishop in the 14th round after being ranked top 100.

However, based on rankings, there are players who probably aren't going to go within the first few rounds, and the only way they do is for a team to go under the slot. So with that, let's take a look at a few middle-round selections.