Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Six Potential Later Round Picks

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Noah Hall

Noah Hall is the second senior from North Carolina that we'll look at today. Hall was limited to 41 innings and seven starts this season but was extremely effective throughout those starts. There's a lot to like about Hall, as he was trending upward throughout his last season at North Carolina and will likely be selected way earlier than the 20th round where the Milwaukee Brewers picked him last season.

Hall pitched to a 3.29 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, and 4.78 K:BB ratio. The right-hander had a respectable 0.66 HR/9 rate. However, he posted both a plus-plus strikeout and walk rate. Hall struck out just over a quarter of the batters he faced with a 25.3% K-rate. However, he only handed out a free pass to less than ten total opponents for a 5.3% BB%.

The North Carolina senior isn't a flamethrower but sits 91-95 MPH, topping out at 96, which is more than enough velocity for a starting pitcher. It's a decent pitch, especially given that it carries out of the hand. But the real weapon in his arsenal is his change-up. A high-spin offering, it's the kind of change-up that falls off the table. He's had no trouble getting both left-handed and right-handed batters looking silly at the dish with the pitch.

Hall has a ton of makeup in his game. He has a low-effort, repeatable delivery, which will help his command in the long run. He tunnels both his change-up and fastball extremely well, making both pitches play up from their respective levels (which was already above average). It only helps that there's a ton of velocity separation between the two offerings.

If there's any player that we'll talk about today who has a chance of going before the sixth round, it's probably Hall. He has traits that teams really like and could easily be seen as a money-saving pick in an early round. But if he does fall to the 6th or 7th round, he's definitely a player the Pirates need to highly consider.