Pittsburgh Pirates: Each Breakout Candidate for 2023

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a handful of different potential breakout candidates as they head into the 2023 campaign, let's break each of them down

Every team has breakout candidates, but as a rebuilding team, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a ton. Many of their top prospects have made their debut but have yet to reach their potential fully. Much of the improvement may very well come from within the organization through players gaining big-league experience and figuring things out.

I am basing the potential breakout on a few criteria. They can't be a rookie, but they had to have shown potential in the past. They also can't have made the All-Star Game or have won an award like Rookie Of The Year, nor can they have produced at a high level over the course of more than a half-season in the past. Mitch Keller last year is a perfect example of what I mean: a former top prospect who struggled in his first few seasons but figured it out last year and put together a quality season.