Pittsburgh Pirates: Early Look at Potential Pitcher & Position Player Over Slot Draft Pick

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have gone over-slot in the past, but these pitcher and position player draft prospects could potentially be available when the Pirates are on the clock.

In 2021, the Pittsburgh Pirates secured two first-round talents after their first-round pick. Those two were Anthony Solometo and Bubba Chandler. They also drafted and signed two top 100 draft talents later on in the draft in Lonnie White Jr. and Braylon Bishop. In 2022, they picked arguably the best hitter in the draft with Termarr Johnson. Later in the draft, they picked Michael Kennedy, one of the top LHP prep pitchers.

The thing all these players have in common is they were all over slot draft picks. The Pirates signed them for more than their slot value was worth. Depending on where players are picked or how old they are, they could be over-slot signees or under-slot signees. These are typically high school prospects who require the bonus to be over slot to pry them away from a college commitment or a player who was selected later than their projected draft slot.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will surely draft and sign at least one over-slot player. As of prospect rankings right now, who are some potential over-slot draftees to watch? (Keep in mind that these are based on current draft rankings. Rankings will certainly change once college and high school seasons wrap up).