Pittsburgh Pirates: Examining How the Jarlín García Injury Impacts the Roster

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Will the Pirates focus on adding another lefty?

First and foremost the Pittsburgh Pirates must decide if they are going to focus on having another lefty take García's spot. For multiple reasons, it would make sense for this to be the route that the team goes.

Right now there is only one lefty projected to be in the Opening Day bullpen - Jose Hernandez. Hernandez and starting pitcher Rich Hill are the only other left-handed pitchers on the 40-man roster other than García.

Teams always want multiple left-handed pitchers in their bullpen. This is one reason they would likely look to give García's spot to another lefty. Additionally, Hernandez is a Rule 5 Draft addition with zero MLB experience. Rolling with only one lefty reliever is dangerous enough, it becomes even more dangerous when that lone lefty has never pitched in the majors.