Pittsburgh Pirates: Expectations for the 2023 Trade Deadline

Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates
Texas Rangers v Pittsburgh Pirates / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Mitch Keller, a promising young starter, has shown flashes of brilliance but has also experienced some ups and downs. Despite the challenges, the Pittsburgh Pirates have faith in his long-term potential and may choose to retain him as a building block for the future. The team has discussed an extension with him so they definitely appear to be fine with keeping him. However, the Dodgers and at one point the Rangers were connected to the 2023 All-Star pitcher.

David Bednar, one of the team's All-Stars in 2023, has become one of the best closing pitchers in the League. His impressive stuff has caught the attention of other teams, making him a potential trade target. However, the Pirates are likely to think twice before parting ways with such a valuable asset. Like Keller, Bednar would demand a very lucrative package.

Ultimately, the Pittsburgh Pirates could be one of the most noted teams this deadline or fly somewhat under the radar.

If the team decides to just move their expiring veterans then there will not be too much excitement for the Organization. Which is fine, they will receive a couple of lower-level prospects all the while opening up roster spots for other young talent for the Big League Club.

It is important to remember that trade rumors are just that - rumors. Until any official announcements are made, anything can happen in the high-stakes world of MLB trades. As we anxiously watch the clock tick towards the deadline, it remains to be seen if the Pittsburgh Pirates will make bold moves to overhaul their roster or choose to nurture their youthful core.