Pittsburgh Pirates: First Basemen to Target in Free Agency

After trading away Carlos Santana, the Pirates decided that, instead of calling up a prospect like Malcom Nunez, the best bet was to have Connor Joe play first base, even though he struggles mightily defensively.

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These first basemen will be free agents this offseason, could they make sense as targets for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

No. 1 Rhys Hoskins

While it's unlikely to happen, the top free agent first baseman available is Rhys Hoskins. With first base being arguably the biggest need for the Pittsburgh Pirates this offseason, Hoskins needs to be mentioned.

A torn ACL in spring has cost Hoskins his 2023 season. However, he is said to possibly be available during the playoffs if they make a deep run, although it's still unlikely he would be able to return. His true value is around $15-25 million, which means the Pirates are already out of the race unless they shock everyone. Along with not wanting to spend the money, it was already unlikely since it seems he wants to spend the remainder of his career with the Phillies.