Pittsburgh Pirates: First Basemen to Target in Free Agency

After trading away Carlos Santana, the Pirates decided that, instead of calling up a prospect like Malcom Nunez, the best bet was to have Connor Joe play first base, even though he struggles mightily defensively.

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No. 2 Joey Gallo

Since getting traded to the Yankees, Joey Gallo's whole career has fallen off. In his previous 237 games with the Yankees, Dodgers, and Twins, his batting average was .168. But the main part of his game that's been helping is that he has 104 walks, leading to an on-base percentage of .290. While still low, he isn't struggling as badly as some might think.

An OPS+, where a league average is 100, shows that last season his was 80, and after 111 games with the Twins, it's back to 100, meaning he is a league-average hitter. He's mostly an outfielder but can play first and third base. His value is around $10-15 million, so he's still unlikely to get signed by the Pirates, there is a chance his contract value could be lower due to how he has struggled with top teams.