Pittsburgh Pirates: First Basemen to Target in Free Agency

After trading away Carlos Santana, the Pirates decided that, instead of calling up a prospect like Malcom Nunez, the best bet was to have Connor Joe play first base, even though he struggles mightily defensively.

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No. 7 Garrett Cooper

While being around league average with both the Marlins and Padres after being traded, he is a filler first baseman. He's around league average if not below league average defensively; he is more of a hitter. While not fitting the mold of a "Moneyball" player, he can hit around .260-.280 a season with around 10 home runs, if he stays healthy and plays a full season.

His asking price is low as he hasn't played too much. Now 32, turning 33 by the start of next season, he's more of a player you can count on, unlike some of the players on this list, and with one of the lowest values on the list too, I would snag him up.