Pittsburgh Pirates: First Round Picks Better be in the Lineup

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been mired in a prolonged slump now, losing 10 straight games. However, today they called up Nick Gonazales. The arrival of highly-touted prospects Nick Gonzales and Henry Davis has injected a much-needed dose of excitement into the fan base. As these high-pedigree players take their place in the lineup, there is a burning question on everyone's mind: Will manager Derek Shelton step up and give them the playing time they deserve?

Gonzales, a second baseman out of New Mexico State, was Ben Cherington's first draft selection as General Manager. Gonzales was seventh overall in the 2020 MLB Draft, while Davis, a powerful catcher, was acquired with the first overall pick in 2021. Their performances in the minor leagues have been nothing short of exceptional, leaving fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates awaiting. This is especially true with the downward spiral the team has been on.

However, there is a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the Pirates faithful. Shelton's track record with nurturing young talent and providing ample playing time has left much to be desired. Too often, promising players have been left languishing on the bench or shuffled back down to the minors, their potential untapped and dreams unfulfilled.

It's understandable that doubts linger regarding Shelton's ability to properly manage these future stars. Gonzales and Davis must be given the opportunity to prove their mettle night in and night out. Consistent playing time is the key to their development, allowing them to adjust to the demands of Major League Baseball and showcase their immense talents. However, with how Shelton rotates the lineup it is hard to say if this will be the case.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up 3 first round picks in the last two weeks, Carmen Mlodzinksi, Henry Davis, and now Nick Gonzales.

If this ends up being the case then it is on the front office to make it happen. They must make it clear to Shelton that the playing time of these young guns is of utmost importance. The long-term future of the franchise depends on it, but also the team needs something to spark them now. Shelton must recognize the significance of Gonzales and Davis as potential cornerstones of the team and ensure they receive the necessary opportunities to thrive.

As fans eagerly watch, the question remains: Will Shelton give the young prospects priority? The Pittsburgh Pirates front office must pressure and emphasize the importance of these young players' development. By doing so, they can ensure that Gonzales and Davis are unleashed, setting the stage for a brighter future and present in Pittsburgh.