Pittsburgh Pirates: Four Remaining Free Agents To Consider

The Pirates should consider going after these four free agents.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers
Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers / Rob Leiter/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates still have holes to patch on the roster, and these four free agents should be ones for them to consider in the second half of the off-season.

We are firmly into the second half of the off-season. It is approaching mid-January, but the Pittsburgh Pirates still have work to do before the start of Spring Training. Luckily for them, this off-season has been slower compared to the last few years. There are still some good free agents left on the market.

Heading into the home stretch of the off-season, the Pirates should become active now. Sure, it’s been frustrating, but it’s better they start doing something late than never. So, with that being said, who are some decent free agents that should be within their price range they should go after? (Note that does not mean I think the Pirates will go after all these guys, just ones I think should be on their radar)