Pittsburgh Pirates: Good Names to Remember for Immaculate Grid

Here are some good former Pirates to remember for Immaculate Grid
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets / Alex Trautwig/GettyImages
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Dana Eveland

I know what you’re thinking, who is Dana Eveland? I’m sure there are some out there who remember Veras, Correia, and even Lavarnway, but Dana Eveland? I’ll tell you why you probably don’t know who this is. It’s because he pitched 9.2 innings for an extremely forgettable 110 loss 2010 Pirates team. However, Eveland had a long journey, both before and after his very short tenure in Pittsburgh.

Eveland’s career lasted from 2005 through 2016. Across 12 years, Eveland pitched to just a 5.46 ERA, 4.44 FIP, and 1.67 WHIP. While Eveland only allowed 0.70 HR/9, he also struck out just 15.8% of opponents while walking them at a 10.8% rate. He also allowed 10.5 hits per-9 innings.

Eveland’s career started out with the Milwaukee Brewers, where he pitched from 2005-2006. The Oakland A’s are the team he spent the most time with, pitching 212 innings over the next two seasons. Eveland started the ‘10 season out with the Toronto Blue Jays before the Pirates picked him up. He then appeared in a few games with the Dodgers and Orioles for the next two years before not appearing in 2013. Then in 2014, he would pitch 27.1 innings for the New York Mets. Eveland stayed in the AL East for 2015, appearing in ten games for the Braves, before heading to Tampa Bay for his last year in the big leagues.

The only diehard fans who might remember Eveland are Oakland fans. He appeared for a third of Major League Baseball’s teams, yet was always considered a depth piece who went from station to station. If you remember any of Dana Eveland’s three games with the 2010 Pirates, keep him in mind the next time the Pirates come up on Immaculate Grid. There’s a good chance one of the other teams he played for will be on there as well.

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