Pittsburgh Pirates: Grading Ben Cherington's Off-Season Moves Thus Far

Let's analyze Ben Cherington's moves this off-season.
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Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Ben Cherington has made a handful of different moves this off-season, but how do they grade out overall?

We are approaching the mid-way point of the 2023-2024 off-season. While it hasn’t been a glamorous winter for the Pittsburgh Pirates, they’ve at least made some moves. They started slowly, but once they got the TV deal done, they started to become more active. There’s still time to do more, and they certainly need to do more.

However, I want to go back and grade each of Ben Cherington’s moves thus far. The only trades or signings I will be looking at are ones where the Pirates acquired a player currently on the 40-man roster. So, any minor league signing, such as Gilberto Celestino or acquiring Billy McKinney, will not be included in today’s list.