Pittsburgh Pirates: Great Series for the Bullpen & More Takeaways From Series Victory in San Fran

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The team shows a lot of resiliency

This was a series in which the Pittsburgh Pirates easily could have folded. They had not won a series in the entire month of May, were walked off by the Seattle Mariners on Sunday afternoon, and then got spanked by the Giants in game one of the series on Monday.

All signs pointed toward yet another series loss and an 0-for in series played in May. To their credit, the team showed a lot of resiliency. Derek Shelton's group pulled up their bootstraps to win the final two games of this series, picking up their first, and only, series victory of May.

Most Pirate fans, myself included, expected this team to fold up and suffer yet another series loss after the game one blowout. While the month of May was a brutal one for the Pirates they deserve a lot of credit for the way they finished this series to finish the month on a strong note.

Remarkably, despite going 8-18 in the month of May and 1-7-1 in series played, the Pittsburgh Pirates were able to finish the month of May over .500 at 28-27. This is due to the team responding well to rally and win their series in San Francisco.