Pittsburgh Pirates: Growing Concern Due to Lack of Rumors

Pittsburgh Pirates v Kansas City Royals
Pittsburgh Pirates v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

As the MLB offseason unfolds, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been relatively quiet in the rumor mill, leaving fans wondering about the team's plans. The focal point appears to be pitching, a much-needed area for improvement. While the lack of rumors might be concerning for some, it's essential to remember that not all successful moves are broadcasted in advance. This has been especially true under the leadership of Ben Cherington.

The Pirates' front office, known for its strategic and measured approach, might be quietly working behind the scenes to secure the right deals. In the past, they have let fans down for sure. They rarely acquire anyone worth getting super excited about via free agency. However, there were at least rumors in the past about different players the team would have checked in on.

So far this offseason it has been relatively quiet on the rumor front for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The team has seen division rival St. Louis Cardinals make a three moves to bolster their rotation. The Reds signed a reliable relief pitcher in Emilio Pagan. Then there is a number of rumors surrounding the Chicago Cubs and even the Brewers. The Brewers are rumored to be looking to deal away some of their veterans and a more recent rumor suggests they are trying to extend one of their young, star prospects.

For the Pittsburgh Pirates, they are looking at pitching and that is about all that has been reported at this time. However, no actual names have been connected to the Pirates outside of names mentioned as possible fits. Pitching is undoubtedly a priority, and the team's commitment to addressing this need has to come into focus this offseason. Also, for all we know the Pittsburgh Pirates are involved and these rumors just have not surfaced yet.

Optimism remains key during this period of uncertainty. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a history of acting in a very methodical manner.

As I mentioned before the team also likes to keep things quiet if they can. So do not necessarily read into this as if they are not active in trying to become better. The Pirates, like many other teams, have just yet to make a move in an offseason notorious for not picking up until their Winter Meetings.

While the lack of rumors might raise eyebrows, it's essential for Pirates fans to remain patient and optimistic. The front office's focus on pitching is a promising sign, and the offseason narrative could take an unexpected turn. While the free agents they sign will not be the star names, they could acquire one via trade. So while I agree that they need to get active and add significant talent to the roster, they also might be already doing this and word just has not gotten out.