Pittsburgh Pirates: HBO Creating a Documentary on Barry Bonds

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates have seen a lot of tough years since 1992. It is no coincidence that lines up with when star outfielder Barry Bonds left town. Bonds was the best all-around player in Baseball at the time and the Bucs let him go to the San Francisco Giants.

During his time with the Pirates, Bonds emerged as one of the game's top players, displaying a rare combination of speed, defensive prowess, and impressive hitting skills. In 1990, he had a breakout season, earning his first National League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and achieving the 30-30 club for the second time. Bonds continued to excel, winning two more MVP awards in 1992 and 1993.

Bonds' impact extended beyond individual accolades. He revitalized the Pirates, leading them to three consecutive National League East division titles from 1990 to 1992. Bonds' electrifying performances and presence in the clubhouse made him a respected figure among his teammates.

His final season with the Pittsburgh Pirates, 1992, was particularly noteworthy.

Bonds hit .311 with 34 home runs, 103 RBIs, and 39 stolen bases while leading the Pirates to the National League Championship Series. He won the National League Most Valuable Player in 1992, capping off an incredible, but short career with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If you are a Baseball fan and a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates you know this story. Bonds would go on to become the greatest hitter to ever play the game, PEDS or not. The way he left Pittsburgh will always raise lots of questions, including his relationship with then Manager Jim Leyland, and of course what drove him to change himself as a player.

Well, it looks like we might get some answers about the former Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder. According to multiple reports, HBO is currently developing a documentary on Barry Bonds. This concept of covering polarizing sports icons has become more and more popular. HBO did this previously with golfer Tiger Woods.

So if you want some answers about Barry Bonds this might be the best time to actually get them. Bonds obviously have been in sports media for the last few years because of his Hall of Fame Candidacy. Maybe now he will open up about what went on during his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.