Pittsburgh Pirates: Injured Prospects Who Can Still Make an Impact in the Future

While these prospects are hurt now, they could still make an impact in the near future
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have some noteworthy prospects who are injured now, but could still make an impact in the not so distant future

Injuries happen in baseball. Some only last a week like an ankle sprain, others can extend over a year for things like Tommy John surgeries, or other major procedures. Unfortunately, this happens to prospects all the time, which can throw a wrench into future plans. The Pittsburgh Pirates do have a few noteworthy minor leaguers who have sat out a good portion, if not all of 2023.

However, just because they’ve yet to play much if at all, doesn’t mean there’s no future role for these players. They could still very much make an impact on the Pirates’ future and their long-term plans. While they may have missed a good chunk of time, some are now just returning, and others still won’t be seen until sometime in the second half of 2024.