Pittsburgh Pirates: Minor Leaguers Who Could Get Promoted Next

Which Pirate prospects could be promoted to the next level soon?

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have been more aggressive with moving prospects up the system recently, so who could be the next prospect to get moved up?

It’s that time of the year when the Pittsburgh Pirates start making promotions. So far this month, Henry Davis and Carmen Mlodzinski have made their big league debuts. Anthony Solometo, Thomas Harrington, Kyle Nicolas, and Jared Jones have all gotten moved to the next level of the minor leagues.

However, the Pirates still have a handful of other minor leaguers who are pushing for a bump to the next level. They’re likely far from done moving players up the pipeline. Many prospects you see in the lower levels of the minor leagues could end the season at an upper level. Short-season prospects may soon get that call to Bradenton.

Note that I am only looking at minor league promotions, not major league promotions. While Triple-A has some players who deserve a major league promotion, I am just focusing on prospects moving to the next level of the minor leagues.