Pittsburgh Pirates: Mitch Keller's Personal Catcher & More Takeaways From Series Loss vs Twins

Recapping the Pirates' weekend series in the Twin Cities

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Andy Haines MUST go

We are closing in on the end of August in year two of Andy Haines as Pirate hitting coach. There have been zero noteworthy improvements with the Pirate lineup during this time. Many young hitters have either failed to improve, or have just flat out regressed.

Any other organization in baseball would have fired their hitting coach under these circumstances. But not the Pittsburgh Pirates. Not an organization that continually seems unserious about, well, everything.

Just take the struggles of Davis as an example. He was drafted no. 1 overall due to his elite offensive potential. Throughout the minors he was viewed as an elite hitting prospect and hit like one. Now in the majors, Davis is unable to make any adjustments whatsoever and has looked hopeless against off-speed pitching.

Haines should be fired right now. This very second. By the time you're done reading this sentence he should be on the street looking for a new job, but he won't be. Oh, and let's be honest, does anyone really think he'll be fired this offseason? Not I.

Again, an unserious organization.

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