Pittsburgh Pirates: My Favorite 2023 Draft Picks

These are my favorite draft picks from the 2023 draft.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates 2023 draft class has some names that I like and think are worth highlighting

The Pittsburgh Pirates had yet another opportunity to add some talent to their farm system with the 2023 draft. The Pirates had the number one pick and took one of the most talented players (if not the most talented player) the draft has ever seen, taking Louisiana State University right-hander Paul Skenes. Skenes and the Pirates now hold the all-time signing bonus record, the second time the Pirates have broken the all-time signing bonus record, and the second year in a row they’ve broken a record (Termarr Johnson was the most a fourth overall pick has ever been given).

But one player doesn’t make a draft. While I think Skenes is a great pick, there are definitely other players I like the Pirates took in this year’s draft. Today, I want to highlight some of the picks I think are good for the Pirates. So with that being said, let’s look at our first player.