Pittsburgh Pirates News: Minor League Infielder Drew Maggi Resigns

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The Pittsburgh Pirates will no doubt add some veteran depth pieces to hold at Triple-A. They have brought back a veteran minor-league player from last year.

In August of 2022, the Pittsburgh Pirates traded for Minor League infielder Drew Maggi. This was a minor league deal that the Bucs made to add some depth. A just-in-case deal if you will. It is always a good thing to have depth, but more specifically veteran depth at Triple-A.

Maggi played in just 28 games for the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians. He is a player who is capable of playing all four fielding positions, with his primary being the left side. Also, he has played some in the outfield, but not to the same extent.

Maggi will act as an important part of the Triple-A lineup in 2023. He is 33 years of age, so bringing him back is also bringing back a true veteran. The Pittsburgh Pirates will place multiple of their top prospects at Indianapolis. Players like Liover Peguero and Nick Gonzales will benefit greatly from having a veteran presence around.

This is especially true for Maggi who has so much experience playing the infield professionally. There is a reason he is still getting minor-league deals at the age of 33. He has been in professional Baseball since 2010.

He actually was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2010 and of course, signed. The Bucs selected him in the 15th round of that Draft. He would stick around in the Pittsburgh Pirates minor league system until 2015. The Bucs would release him in August of that year.

If Drew Maggi is getting time at the Big League level then something seriously has gone wrong. Obviously, Oneil Cruz and to a lesser extent Rodolfo Castro are expected to be the middle infield of the future. If Maggi is getting starts that would mean either one is hurt or completely not producing. Do not expect him to make much of an impact for the Big League Club.