Pittsburgh Pirates News: Oneil Cruz Done for the 2023 Season

San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates
San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

It's been a rollercoaster of hope and disappointment for Pittsburgh Pirates fans this season, especially when it comes to Oneil Cruz. The young talent was expected to be a shining star for the team, but unfortunately, his season came to an abrupt halt. Initially, there was optimism that Cruz might make a return in August, then September, but neither scenario materialized. The organization referred to it as a "plateau" in his rehab, but it's safe to say that this setback has left fans and the team deeply disappointed.

The incident that led to Cruz's season-ending injury occurred on April 10th, just after he had played nine games. It was a heartbreaking moment when he broke his fibula while sliding into home plate. The White Sox backup catcher, Seby Zavala, positioned himself in front of the plate, leaving Cruz with virtually nowhere to slide. The collision between Cruz and Zavala was unfortunate and led to Cruz's injury.

What made matters worse was Zavala's response. Even though Cruz was on the ground, injured and in pain, Zavala attempted to engage with the Pirates, creating an unpleasant scene. It's disappointing to see such incidents in sports, where player safety should always be a top priority.

For Pirates fans, the news of Cruz being done for the season is a tough pill to swallow. He had the potential to be the face of the franchise this year, and his injury has left a void in the team's lineup and in the hearts of fans. While setbacks like this are a part of sports, it's crucial to remember that Cruz is young and resilient. With the right care and rehabilitation, he has a promising future ahead.

As we look ahead, we can only hope for a successful offseason recovery for Oneil Cruz and anticipate his return to the Pirates' lineup stronger than ever, ready to fulfill the potential that had fans so excited at the beginning of the season.