Pittsburgh Pirates News: Owner Bob Nutting Open to More Deals

Houston Astros v Pittsburgh Pirates
Houston Astros v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

It has been quite the past few months for the Pittsburgh Pirates. First they had one of their most aggressive offseasons in years. The Bucs has also been grabbing headlines for being one of the best teams in Baseball to start this season.

However, maybe the most defining moment came this week when the team extended star outfielder Bryan Reynolds. It had been a while since we had an update on the Reynold contract talks but when the news finally came out there was nothing but celebration. This was not just the Pittsburgh Pirates locking up an all star either.

This was the first time that the Pittsburgh Pirates had handed out a contract worth at least $100 million in value. This is obviously not a surprise, but none the less a big deal for the Organization and its owner.

Bob Nutting can and should largely be blamed for the state of the Pittsburgh Pirates. We all know this, he needs to start prioritizing winning. However, in the last year he has given out the two biggest contracts in Pittsburgh Pirates history, with locking Ke'Bryan Hayes up last year.

Apparently, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Bob Nutting may not be done spending and could be looking to give out another extension.

The key word there is to a degree right? Obviously, he needs to actually do this but this Bob Nutting sure sounds different than the one of 10 years ago. Who else could the Pittsburgh Pirates extend? The top two candidates have to be Oneil Cruz and Mitch Keller. I would give the bump to Keller at this point. Keller has shown that he truly has taken a jump and the Bucs need to lockup a pitcher. There is plenty of time for talks between the Pirates and Cruz, Keller only has 2 more years on control after 202

This is exciting to hear from the majority Owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates. As I said earlier, Bob Nutting is to blame for this mess as much as anyone, but he is taking the right steps in trying to fix the disaster that came to be at the end of 2019. Hopefully, he is true to his word and is still looking to extend some of the team's core players. If he does hold up to this, then maybe people will fully buy into the now and future of the Pittsburgh Pirates.