Pittsburgh Pirates News: Suspensions for Derek Shelton, Angel Perdomo

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres
Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates had a tough game against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night. The team was only able to score 1 run and simply just could not seem to get anything going. So naturally when things are not going right emotions are going to flare up. However, it went a little too far on Tuesday night in San Diego.

In the 7th inning of Tuesday's loss, Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Angel Perdomo conceded a homerun to Juan Soto. After the home run, Soto would celebrate the bomb before entering the dugout:

Perdomo would follow up the home run by throwing a first pitch 98 mile-per-hour heater square into Manny Machado's back. Machado immediately took exception to the pitch and slowly made his way down the line. Both Machado and Perdomo were locked in on one another before the Umpire Crew decided to huddle up.

The umpires would then announce that Perdomo was being tossed from the game. This was minutes after the incident at this point so naturally Derek Shelton went out to back up his player. Shelton would then be tossed as well.

The controversy of course is whether or not Perdomo should have been tossed. It was obvious that there was intent, but at the same time the Umpire crew did not react right away, meaning was the crew influenced by what occurred after the fact. Regardless, throwing at players is super dangerous and we know that after watching the Dusty Baker-led Reds throw at Andrew McCutchen.

The League has passed down suspension to Angel Perdomo and Pittsburgh Pirates manager Derek Shelton.

Shelton will not be coaching the final game of the series this afternoon. Meanwhile, the Bucs will be down a bullpen arm, one that has been effective for them. Hopefully, they do not burn through their bullpen today.