Pittsburgh Pirates News: Team Reaches Broadcast Deal with FSG

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates are making headlines as they join forces with the Penguins on the newly launched local sports network, SportsNet Pittsburgh. Owned by the Fenway group, the channel is set to become the primary destination for Pittsburgh Pirates fans seeking news and games. The channel replaced what was AT&T Pittsburgh SportsNet.

SportsNet Pittsburgh, the go-to channel for Pirates and Penguins enthusiasts, is poised to bring a fresh perspective to sports broadcasting. Following the pattern set by the Penguins, there will be changes in the broadcast team. According to reports from Jason Mackey, former pitcher Steven Brault, and shortstop Jordy Mercer are among the potential candidates for new roles in the broadcasts. In his post, Mackey also brings up some of the members of the broadcast team who will be returning to the station.

This move not only signifies a shift in broadcasting platforms but also marks a new era for the Pittsburgh Pirates fans. TV deals are the biggest revenue makers for teams and the Bucs are typically on the lower end of that spectrum due to their market size. Still, one would think the payout will still be rather significant.

The last deal was believed to be around $50 million a year, so one would think at the very least it is a similar deal. Hopefully, a little more! However, Mackey does mention that the channel will be joint ownership, so we shall see what exactly they mean by that. The Fenway Sports Group is obviously the group that bought the channel so how do the Pittsburgh Pirates fit into that?

This development reflects an issue that has been discussed a lot over the last year. Many teams lost their broadcast companies due to a multitude of reasons including people moving to more streaming platforms and using cable-less and some businesses going bankrupt or unable to pay their agreed-upon deal with said team. With the Fenway group at the helm, the channel is expected to offer high-quality production and a comprehensive viewing experience. SportsNet Pittsburgh will be the same channel as the previous carriers essentially, but hopefully a more upgraded experience for viewers.

As the Pittsburgh Pirates transition to SportsNet Pittsburgh, there's an optimistic outlook on the potential for growth and success.

This collaboration signifies a new chapter for the team, with broadcasts reflecting their commitment to excellence. The city rallies behind its sports franchises, and this shared platform ensures that the Pirates and Penguins remain a source of inspiration for fans, both seasoned and new.