Pittsburgh Pirates: Number One Item on a Fan's Christmas List

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

A long-term extension with shortstop Oneil Cruz should be at the top of every Pittsburgh Pirates fan's Christmas list

Merry Christmas, Pittsburgh Pirates fans! As people across the country celebrate today it got us thinking - what item would top a Christmas list for Pirate fans? Well, it should be a long-term wiht shortstop Oneil Cruz.

Extending Cruz is the type of move that would have a ripple effect of positive impacts on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

First off, it would create some much needed PR for the team. Few teams in pro sports have struggled more in the public relations department for seemingly three decades than the Pirates, but especially in recent years. This is capped off by Bryan Reynolds requesting a trade. Signing Cruz to a long-term extension certainly creates plenty of positive PR.

Second, extending Cruz also creates a clear cut face of the franchise and player you are going to build around. Every franchise needs that face of the team player, that player everyone knows is your guy that you're building around. Signing Cruz to a long-term extension makes it clear that he is that guy for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Finally, and most importantly, locking up Cruz long-term puts one of the highest ceiling players in all of basbeall in your lineup as the centerpiece for a long time. Few players in baseball have the offensvie ceiling of Cruz. Cruz can be a 30+ home run, 20+ steal, 60+ extra base hitter year in and year out. Few players can do this, let alone at the shortstop position. Locking him up needs to be of utmost importance for the Pirates.

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Locking up Cruz long-term before the start of the regular season should be the top priority of the Pirates. It would do nothing but positive things for the franchise, while also helping to create a sense of excitement within the fan base.