Pittsburgh Pirates: One Breakout Prospect to Watch at Each Position

The Pirates could see these prospects breakout in 2024.
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Right Field - Estuar Suero

Tell me if you heard this one before: Pirates send a veteran left-handed pitcher to a West Coast team for a tall and lanky but speedy teenage international prospect with massive potential. Comparing Estuar Suero to Oneil Cruz is extremely lazy, but one that makes sense, at least on paper. Suero was acquired from the San Diego Padres as part of the package for Ji-Man Choi and Rich Hill. Suero is young, but he could get an extended look in 2024.

Suero hasn't played much pro ball yet. He has just 394 plate appearances in two seasons, batting just .231/.335/.365 with a .342 wOBA and 87 wRC+. Of the few positives, he has a 12.4% walk rate. However, he's also struck out 28.7% of the time and isolated slugging percentage, clocking in at just .134. But it is still a small sample size, and he's yet to receive 250 plate appearances in any season.

Suero is a 6'5", 180-pound outfielder who uses his leverage to hit the ball a long way. He's a plus runner because he's able to take such long strides. Suero has shown a great feel for center field already, according to FanGraphs. He's already started to add some muscle to his frame, but if he can keep up his above-average speed, he could be a future option for the Pirates in center. But he has a strong enough arm to move to a corner if he must.

The sky's the limit for a prospect with Suero's build. He's a plus runner with plus power and the potential to be an above-average defensive center fielder. His swing is long, but he's still only 18 years old and won't turn 20 until late 2025. Still, he has the talent that could get him to Bradenton before then.