Pittsburgh Pirates: One Underrated Prospect At Each Position

Who is the best underrated prospect at each position in the Pirates' system?
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Second Base - Jackson Glenn

Jackson Glenn was the Pirates' 5th-round pick in 2021. He was selected as a low-cost senior to help them save money after going overslot on their prior four picks. Although he is an older minor leaguer at 26, Glenn was one of the better minor league performers for the Pirates and their system last season.

Glenn's season was the definition of solid. He hit .284/.349/.445 with a .363 wOBA, and 120 wRC+. Glenn hit for some pop, as he went yard 12 times with a .171 isolated slugging percentage. His plate discipline was also solid, posting a 7.8% walk rate and a strikeout rate of just 17.9%. He split the year between Greensboro and Altoona.

The infielder's best tool is his hit tool. Glenn walked nearly as often as he struck out in his college career and went down on strike three less than 20% of the time this past year. Glenn isn't a big power threat, and may only top out at average power. He's a below-average runner and is an okay fielder at both second base and third base.

Glenn can potentially be a solid infield utility man for the Pirates. He was able to hit decently at Double-A last year, and while he is older, he is certainly a name to watch next year. If he can show it's not just the age that helped him produce, maybe we'll see him in the Majors for a few games.