Pittsburgh Pirates: Optimism for More Lineup Power in 2024

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The other internal player that should add more pop in 2024 is Henry Davis. The former first-overall pick displayed flashes of power last year, going deep against Shohei Ohtani twice. The issues started to come into play not long after that. His power started to disappear as did his offense in general. As it turns out Davis was battling a hand injury for the downside of the season. Maybe it comes down to that he was just not able to grip that bat like he normally would, or the injury could have been causing compensation during his swing which in turn was limiting his power. Davis should be looking at the 20-home run mark as a point to get to this year.

As of now the Pittsburgh Pirates have not brought in a whole lot of power in terms of outside acquisitions other than one player.

The last power hitter is actually a true addition. Rowdy Tellez signed with the Bucs on a 1-year deal worth just over $3 million. Tellez only hit 13 home runs in 2024, which by all accounts would be a significant improvement for power at first for the Bucs. Still, the expectation should be higher. The lefty slugger mashed 35 home runs in 2022 with the Brewers. Obviously, it would be great to get 30 out of Tellez, however, he will likely be in a bit of a platoon at first base with a few right-handed options such as Connor Joe and Jared Triolo. If he can at least hit 20 as well then he will have served his purpose and the team will get the upside out of him that they are hoping for.