Pittsburgh Pirates: Players Most Likely to Come Off the 40-Man Roster Before Opening Day

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The Pittsburgh Pirates will have at least one 40-man roster move to make before Opening Day. Which players could be in danger of losing their spot?

Roster moves are a big part of spring training every season. Each team, the Pittsburgh Pirates included, are faced with roster decisions throughout the spring as they forge toward Opening Day each year.

This season, the Pittsburgh Pirates will need to make at least one 40-man roster move before Opening Day. Currently, the only other catcher on the 40-man roster along with Austin Hedges is highly touted prospect Endy Rodriguez who the organization has already stated will start the season in the minors. Due to this, a move will be needed to add a backup catcher, likely Tyler Heineman or Kevin Plawecki, to the 40-man roster.

There could be other 40-man roster moves as well. The team may need to create a spot for a backup middle infielder such as veteran Chris Owings. There could also be other additions between now and Opening Day as other organizations DFA players that could require a roster move.

So, which players could be taken off the 40-man roster to create room? As we will get into, an outfielder has to be nearly a lock to come off the roster due to the amount of outfielders currently on the 40-man roster. A releif pitcher will likely be in the discussion as well. Now, let's dive in.