Pittsburgh Pirates: Players Most Likely to Come Off the 40-Man Roster Before Opening Day

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Outfielder Travis Swaggerty

Another outfielder on the list is former first-round pick Travis Swaggerty. A top 10 pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, Swaggerty once looked like the center fielder of the future for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and potentially a Gold Glove winner.

Unfortunately for Swaggerty, things have not gone according to plan during his professional career. The main driving force behind his career failing to reach the heights that he and the Pirates had hoped for have been injuries.

The way the Pirates handled Swaggerty last season made it clear that this front office does not see a long-term future in Pittsburgh for Swaggerty. Remember, this is not the front office that drafted Swaggerty.

Swaggerty made his MLB debut last season but was never given a real look by the Pirates. He had just 9 MLB PAs, picking up an infield hit while striking out four times and failing to draw a walk. He was then quickly optioned to Triple-A and never returned to the majors.

Vialde could be kept around due to being a right-handed hitter, something the Pirates lack, especially in the outfield. This could lead to Swaggerty being on the copping block when it comes time to create 40-man roster spots.