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Wake Forest v LSU
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Paul Skenes impresses in his Low-A debut, Quinn Priester back to the minors, and more Pittsburgh Pirates news in the latest episode of Rum Bunter Radio

The Pittsburgh Pirates have sent former first-round pick Quinn Priester back to Indianapolis after a disastrous start to his career in the majors. 

Young talent has completely infused the Pirates lineup as the season has wore on. Expectations for the Young Bucs are lofty considering what has gone into a long and downtrodden rebuild under Ben Cherrington. 

As guys like Henry Davis continue to learn from the Major League level, Major League Baseball continues to learn about Henry Davis, and how to get past him. Are his slider struggles reason for worry?

While the big league Buccos are pressed for starting pitching, the Bradenton Marauders have their ace, and hopefully not for long. Paul Skenes dazzles in his Low-A debut and gives fans good reason to believe in the hype so far. 

The Pirates can CATCH! Who should be behind the dish on a daily basis, and when will we see more of Henry Davis at the no. 2 position. 

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks and enjoy this episode of Rum Bunter Radio as the crew welcomes staff writer Mitchell Reese!

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